What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit to an osteopath at MOSL you will be asked a detailed case history by your practitioner. This will include information about your symptoms and medical background. You may feel some of this is irrelevant to your problem, but bear with us, the more your Osteopath knows the easier it is for us to help you.

After the case history, which will normally take between 5 and 10 minutes, you will be asked to undress to your underwear, so that your Osteopath can see you back and posture.

The examination will involve asking you to do some movements, so that any limitations can be noted. This will help the Osteopath make a more accurate diagnosis.

When the postural examination is finished, your Osteopath may also carry out a number of medical tests, such as reflexes.

After the examination your Osteopath will make an assessment of your condition and explain the type of treatment that will help to decrease your symptoms, and discuss a treatment plan with you.

You may be referred to another agency for further investigations such as x-rays. You may also be given advice which will compliment your Osteopathic treatment. If you wish to express any concerns do not hesitate to do so to your Osteopath or reception staff.

The staff will do their best to put you at ease so that you can gain the maximum benefit from your treatment.

NB: As a courtesy and to allow you to gain the most from your treatment time please turn your cell phone or pager off.