We offer a range of products, which are available to purchase over the counter at the clinic (cash, cheque or EFTPOS only):


Anti-Flamme.  As used by our osteopaths. 90g – $22.00; 450g – $70.00.

Anti-flamme joints

Anti-Flamme Joints – with added glucosamine & chondroitin for stiff joints. 90g – $22.00.

Wheat Bags soothe aches, pains, sore muscles and tension around the neck, back or other joints. A great flexible, alternative to hot water bottles.  Locally made and available in two shapes: large horseshoe (ideal for necks/shoulders) or large straight. $20.

spikey ball single_MED

Spikey Balls are a great way for you to help yourself and work on tight muscles, increase blood flow to the muscles and improve flexibility. Discuss the use of the balls with your osteopath to maximise the benefits of treatment. $25.

Foam roller


Foam Rollers are another way to stretch tight muscles and increase flexibility.  Discuss the use of the rollers with your osteopath to maximise the benefits of treatment. $30.


We also sell pillows for patients or for the general public to buy. We stock three different pillows at prices to suit most budgets and appreciably cheaper than elsewhere for the same product.


Osteo-Pil-O – Ecstasy.  The Height Adjustable Pillow – manufactured in Ecstasy® Foam. State of the art luxurious Ecstasy foam, heat sensitive visco-elastic “memory” foam that contours to the shape of your head and neck. For more details click here. $100

Osteo-Pil-O – Luxury.  As above but manufactured in Luxury Foam. State of the art high resilient luxurious Luxury foam which puts your head and neck first. For more details click here. $85

Therapeutic Neck Support Pillow

Therapeutic Neck Support Pillow.  Contour cut from antimicrobal treated Maxfresh® foam made specifically for pillows. The undulating surface is digitally designed to ensure a great night’s sleep. The two rolled edge heights (approx. 120mmm and 108mm) make it possible for you to choose the side that suits you and supports the head & neck correctly when sleeping on your back or side.The pillow fits standard size pillow cases. $30

NEW    Drinks Bottle.  MOSL branded recyclable BPA free 750ml drinks bottle with a non drip self sealing lid. $10










NEW   AccuStick.  The AccuStick® is the ideal addition to every post- or pre-training regimen. Its curves, corners and points were specifically designed to massage muscles and release pressure from any point on your body. The lightweight yet durable design makes it easily portable.$45