ACC Telehealth Now Available at Marlborough Osteopaths


This is an update on the previous post on telehealth.  ACC announced yesterday that osteopaths are now able to conduct ACC telehealth consultations. We are therefore able to raise ACC45s (new injury claim forms), submit them and offer a reduced rate of $30.  Once you have booked an online appointment, you will be sent a link to complete an ACC45 electronically.  This can be signed electronically (with finger, stylus pen or mouse) and submitted.  Your osteopath will then receive it prior to the consultation and will be able to complete and submit it to ACC during the consultation.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the inability to see patients in our clinic during Alert Levels 3 and 4, we have now opened up the option of online consultations (telehealth).  We understand that online sessions may seem an odd way to see an osteopath, due to the “hands-on” component of our work.  However, we also find the source of problems, come up with a diagnosis, help with good sound advice and prescribe exercises for patients to do at home to help your body heal. We are confident that our telehealth service will add value and help you achieve this.

If you are in either acute or chronic pain currently, your options are limited: go to see your GP, Dr Google(!) or your friends/colleagues/family. As individual practitioners, we have responded to emails and called people who are in pain, but that is quite limiting, as it is always better to see a person.

We have now invested in software that means that as patients all you need is a computer, device or phone that has a microphone and a camera; you do not need any software.  It also means that we will not be using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom – none of which have sufficient end to end encryption required to ensure enough privacy or security for an online health consultation.

Go to our Telehealth page to find out more.


For further guidance on telehealth consultations and how it works, please click HERE.