About Georgie

GeorgieGeorgie originates from Blenheim and is a former student of Marlborough Girls College.  She left to study osteopathy at Unitec in Auckland, where she completed her Masters thesis in developing an assessment tool to rate the sitting posture of office workers. This has become very useful as computer usage at work becomes increasingly common and potentially problematic.

After graduation, Georgie moved to work in Taranaki gaining experience treating a wide range of patients, from farmers and sports injuries to postural related issues. After a period of travel in Europe, Georgie has now “come home” to Blenheim where she hopes to enjoy all the outdoor activities it has to offer.  She participates in multi-sport events, so can be found swimming, cycling – on and off road – and running in her spare time

Whilst Georgie has a special interest in sports related injuries, she aims to identify the cause of the injury regardless of the onset and is interested in treating all types of injuries and patients. Being an active individual, she is also passionate about helping others return to their full potential through osteopathic techniques, advice and exercise.
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